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Process control by automated online measurements.

SEIBOLD Wasser’s online analyser for Nickel and Zinc was installed at a German car manufacturer for effluent emission monitoring.

To monitor the effluent emission as well as to create a database for stabilising and optimising the treatment process our client decided for a continuous measurement of Nickel and Zinc. The unobserved online measurement in industrial wastewater may always be challenging and full of surprises because of changing composition, interferences and matrix of the sample. Therefor SEIBOLD Wasser offered a 3 month test of analyser and measurement procedure. This test should support and confirm the investment into our equipment.

Analyser display
Result display of Ni/Zn Analyser

Test procedures for investment

  • Duration: 3 month.
  • In total 685 measurements of each Nickel and Zinc.
  • The analyser was set up and brought into operation in only 2 hours (electrical connections, convey hoses: sample, water, reagents, calibration, setup for automated measurements and start).
  • After one month, the measurement procedure for Zinc was changed and adjusted, because of interferences. The results after change have been monitored closely and compared with laboratory measurements. The interferences have been eliminated.

Review of data collected

Nickel Zinc Measurements: Results
Nickel Zinc Measurements: Results

Useful and desired side effects

  • Data and measurement results lead to more information about the process and process stability.
  • Relation and dependencies of process steps and resources use in operation, while exceptional operation procedures and maintenance.
  • Datasource for appropriate steps and functional approaches to improve the process quality.
  • Credible and reliable documentation for authorities.
Nickel Zinc Analyser
Nickel / Zinc analyser test installation

SEIBOLD Wasser online analysator for Nickel and Zinc

  • Model: Seibold Composer Johann J. Fux.
  • Measurement technology: colorimetric measurement after complexation.
  • Measurement method: Endpoint (calculation of extinction after complexation) and Kinetics (speed of complexation).
  • Measurement procedure: flow trough, closed photometer and stepper motor pumps (one for each liquid to avoid valves).
  • Measurement range Nickel: 0.01-1.00 mg/L Ni.
  • Measurement range Zinc: 0.01-2.00 mg/L Zn.
  • Fully automated, unobserved, continuous measurement.
  • Measurement interval between 60 and 180 minutes.
  • Measurement data (concentrations, date/time, photometer values, extinctions, warning, alarm) also collected on SD card.

In depth information:
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Why SEIBOLD Wasser analysers?

Online measurement of Nickel and Zinc at German car manufacturer.

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