Reagent Certificate

All SEIBOLD Wasser Reagents are now externally classified as non toxic and non dangerous. SEIBOLD Wasser states that reagents are most important for accurate and reliable measurements.
While in laboratory environments toxicity is handled by special devices and laboratory people, in operation there should not be added any risk because of specific measurements.

Advantages of non toxic and non dangerous reagents in online measurement analysers.

  • Safe operation, reduced operational risk.
  • Analyser waste can be brought back into treatment cycle.
  • Easy storage and handling.
  • Shipping as non dangerous good, saves money.

A good example is the measurement of manganese in drinking water treatment plants. While SEIBOLD Wasser uses a new and modern formulation of reagents – of course non toxic and non dangerous, there are still some vendors using dangerous and toxic reagents as Malachite Green.
Fortunately SEIBOLD Wasser reagents are also available for other Analysers.

SEIBOLD Wasser: Green Thumb Project.
Some Vendors still use dangerous Malachite Green for Manganese detection.
SEIBOLD Wasser Reagent Certificate

Reagent Certificates.

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