Iron and Manganese analyser in drinking water.

Heavy loaded and changing sample matrices make online measurements difficult. SEIBOLD Wasser developed a process to test online Measurements in tricky sample situations.
In many industrial waste water applications many different processes deliver it’s waste water to the treatment station.

    What makes online measurements complex:

  • Heavy loaded sample matrix. Strong interfering ions.
  • Solvents and oxidation/reduction agents.
  • Fast changing sample matrix.
  • Sample colour.
  • Sample turbidity.
  • Buffered extreme pH levels.
    Measurement principles.

  • SEIBOLD COMPOSER online analyser measure with spectrophotometric technology.
  • The measurement is light absorption at specific wave length introduced by a coloured complex.
  • The couloured complex is build by a heavy metal and the reagents.
  • The reagents are a buffer (pH-level adjustment, catalysts, surfactants, oxidizing agents and masking agents) and the dye for colour complex creation.
  • All reagents are developed specific for online measurement purposes by SEIBOLD Wasser.
  • These proprietary reagents can be adopted to specific needs for more accurate measurement results.
    Feasibility Study Procedure:

  • We get a full sample analysis from the client. Based on our experiences we can estimate the difficulties of sample measurements.
  • We get real samples and measure them before and after reagent adjustments.
  • We install a test analyser at client site to measure the sample for 3 month.
  • Every month we visit the site and discuss results and procedures to optimise the measurements.
  • We produce a report about measurement quality, alternative operations and appropriate measurement technologies .

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In case of uncertainty. Testing the sample.

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