SSCC-Seibold Serial Control Center

In almost all cases our clients have to do a precise documentation about measurement results. We now added a serial data logger interface based on MS Excel®. The serial interface on Seibold analysers is RS-485 or RS-232 and connected to a PC via USB converter. You can use multiple analysers on one PC, the limit is more the application running on PC than communication speed. This software supports our blue print of “where to follow standards and where to have proprietary solutions”.(1)

Features list Seibold Serial Control Center:

  • Stores thousands of measurement data results: sample line, date, time, concentration, error, messages.
  • Fully automated event detection: measurement finished, alarm, warning.
  • Graphics display of last 10 measurement results.
  • Full access to all analyser parameters and functions.
  • Seibold Serial Control Center can be used for remote maintenance and problem solving.
  • Ideal for training purposes, all screens are available for input and operation.
  • In expert mode measurement strategies(2) can be developed on the PC and tested by the Seibold analyser series COMPOSER.
  • All captured data is saved in a .csv file. Not lose any important information.
  • Open source; our partners can modify, add and integrate.
Seibold Serial Control Center Communication setting (RS-232)
Communication settings (RS-232)
Seibold Serial Control Center Main Screen display all relevant information.
Main Screen display all relevant information.
Seibold Serial Control Center Datalogger Screen
Datalogger Screen

The Seibold Serial Control Center software is delivered on an open source license with all serial communication products for Seibold analyser series COMPOSER.
Get a full list of Seibold analyser series COMPOSER.

(1) The blue print states where Seibold is adopting well known and established standards and where Seibold has to follow its own design, technology and plans. Communication layers and protocols between sensors and instruments always must follow standards as RS-232, RS484 or Ethernet. In general Seibold develops measurement methods, including reagents, the measurement device and measurement software. These parts are completely under our control and will be proprietary.

(2) All Seibold analyser series COMPOSER can operate in endpoint or kinetics mode. Endpoint uses reference points for result calculation. Kinetics uses the information of complex development in time. In complex, fast changing sample matrix conditions the standard addition is available for accurate and reliable measurement results.

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Seibold Serial Control Center

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