SEIBOLD Wasser is one of the leading companies in online and process analysis. The SEIBOLD COMPOSER analyser series measures heavy metals in water.

Vision: “To support sustainable environment by delivering accurate data on toxic and dangerous emissions.”

Mission: “We provide the most reliable online measurements to ascertain heavy metals in water with our cutting edge Analysers, Reagents, Consumables and Services.”

The company SEIBOLD was founded in 1934 just after the 2nd World War focussing on production of automated etching machines for manufacturing electrolytic capacitors.
The company kept up with the new innovative products to deliver the needs of the time over decades and had a huge market base in Europe.

In 2003, Mr. Rainer Bernert took over the ownership of the company and took a bold decision to divest its other businesses and focus on its core product. In 2010, the then SEIBOLD became SEIBOLD Wasser introduced its ingenious product, ‘Online Analysers’ to measure heavy metals and other ions in water.

The result is a complete new series of online analysers for heavy metals and even more impressive non toxic reagents. The non toxic reagents are also available for other vendors.
SEIBOLD focuses on the following applications:

Drinking and Potable Water.
Industrial Waste Water.
River Water Monitoring.
Our clients are leading their industries of drinking water and beverages, electronics, automotive and industrial production.