competence cycle

There are many reasons why to choose SEIBOLD Wasser for online analysis applications. Here are the three most important motives to talk about:

The measurement of heavy metals in water can be a challenging tasks, in particular if sample matrix is complex, heavy loaded and changing rapidly. To handle these situations it needs knowledge about chemistry, measurement technologies, measurement -tactics and -procedures, engineering, electronics and software design. All these fields of technology must be understood to create a perfect solution for continuous online measurements – instruments, consumables and services.

competence cycle
competence cycle

While the differentiation in instrumentation is getting more difficult – of course there are still vendors out there using bucket systems and magnetic stirrer(1) – the vendor advantages shift to a more complete package of instrumentation, operational stability, risks to run the analyser and service.

  1. Proprietary, appropriate, optimised reagents for online measurements. Researched and developed by SEIBOLD Wasser.

    The reagents must be not dangerous and non toxic to avoid risks of operation and lower the costs for operation. Stability and shelf life of reagents are important to ensure smooth unobserved operations. Handling of sample matrix and the ability of adopting reagents compositions to follow production needs are mandatory for a modern analyser vendor.(2)

  2. Perfect analyser design for unobserved, continuous measurements.

    Simplicity and robust design in an flow through system will result in a greater operational stability and a higher quality of measurement results. Avoiding valves and limit the number of parts is always a great idea to gain higher operational stability.

  3. Full package: services and instruments, world wide.

    The advise about the appropriate online measurement technologies and discuss advantages and disadvantages will guarantee a save investment in online measurement instruments. A full maintenance service package will help to eliminate unplanned downtime and ensure long life time of our online analysers.

(1) Bucket systems are analysers working with fewer pumps for sample, reagents and cleaning solutions. Put them into a bucket and then stir it. We understand that using less pumps is much cheaper for the vendor, but comes with dramatically negative effects:

  • valves, used for switching solutions will decrease operational stability.
  • cleaning of cuvette becomes more difficult.
  • switching to dilution in automated dilution mode can’t be used actively in the measurement process.
  • and most important: in bucket systems, concentration calculation can’t use the kinetic information. You will have less information about complex formation and therefor less information for concentration calculation and failure detection. Kinetic information describe the speed and pattern of complex formation. The intensity over time of this coloured complex is read by the photometer continuously and used for concentration calculation.

Avoiding bucket systems should be one of the easy guidelines for better online analysers. Please also read our comment on vendor statements:
↪ Myths, Facts and Realities #001. About quality of online analysers.
↪ Myths, Facts and Realities #002. About thin hoses and why this doesn’t lead to lower costs.
↪ Myths, Facts and Realities #003. About operating systems for measurement devices.
↪ Myths, Facts and Realities #004. About the difference between laboratory and online measurement procedures.
(2) It is not enough to sell an instrument and let the client look for and prepare the reagents, “borrowed from laboratories”. Modern vendors are responsible for measurements and not only for instrumentation.

Three main motives supporting your decision to choose SEIBOLD Wasser as your partner for online analysis.

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