Astor Piazzolla, Buenos Aires

SEIBOLD Wasser installed with its partners Chromium analysers for continuous drinking water analysis.
To protect water resources and ensure to deliver best water quality to people, online measurements are the proven method. In some cases a mobile measurement unit can help to find and scale quality problems. Therefore the Buenos Aires water facility AySA has employed several containers, equipped with online measurement instruments. SEIBOLD Wasser delivered and supported the installation of Chromium analysers.
Most important for successful quality control initiatives is the operational reliability of all measurement devices. SEIBOLD Wasser analysers are known for their robust design, high accuracy and very low unplanned downtime(1)(2).

Chromium online analyis in mobile container.
Inside the measurement container.
Mr. Carlos Yaría, AySA quality manager. Mr. Rainer Bernert, Manager SEIBOLD Wasser. Mr. Oscar Pederiva, Director en MEDITECNA SRL. (from left to right)
SEIBOLD Wasser, Chromium Analyser.
Chromium Analyser
Chromium Analyser

Continuous, unobserved operation of Chromium analyser. Direct measurement of CrVI and total Chromium by sample oxidation step.

    Analyser specifications:

  • Concentration range: 1-100 ppb CrVI.
  • Resolution: < 1 ppb.
  • Measurement technology: colorimetric.
  • Measurement frequency: 30-90 min.
  • Reagents(3): non toxic and non dangerous.

Buenos Aires, a beautiful place…
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Floralis Genérica
Floralis Genérica

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(1) Total Costs per Measurement (TCM).
(2) Three reasons why to choose SEIBOLD Wasser online analyser.
(3) Reagent Certificates.

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