Choosing the right, most suitable online analyser starts with the decision what measurement technology to use. Total costs per measurement TCM is key to start the process.

WHO World health organisation guides us in terms of reliable and accurate technologies for inorganic online technologies(1).

WHO Ranking of Technologies for On-Line Measurements.

This qualitative ranking is based on technical complexity. Complexity is the main driver for costs and downtime in our TCM model. The Seibold Wasser TCM includes all costs for products and services for operation as well as downtime over a 5 year time frame.

On an European price bases the TCM per measurement for online measurements are EUR 2.5 against laboratory measurements for EUR 22.0.


5 simple rules to avoid high TCM

  • Don’t use valves. In general, only circling moving parts have acceptable downtime rates. (Downtime)
  • Flow through systems have a significant advantage against bucket systems. Quality of mixing and cleaning may influence the precision and accuracy and are much higher in flow through systems. (Maintenance)
  • All consumables must be free from hazardous and toxic ingredients. (Risk)
  • Simple design. Simplicity guides to operational reliability. (Maintenance)
WHO Drinking Water Guidelines Rev 4.

(1)WHO Guidelines, Page 170

Total Costs per Measurement (TCM): Connecting the dots.

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