Online Measurements are never easy and neither are their solutions. To find the best analyser for this task please compare.

  • Reagents are proprietary made for online measurement technology. While in laboratory dangerous and toxic chemicals are no issue, you have to prevent the risk in operation. The risk management plan in drinking water plants will be huge! In online measurement you can use very easy information from kinetics behavior, what is not possible in laboratory. This is the reason, why you have to develop reagents for online measurements differently.
  • Flow trough operation.Fewer problems with fouling, real continuous measurements possible.
  • All analysers can do Standard Addition and Multiple Standard Addition. While cracking in online analysis will not and can’t work at all, standard addition is an ideal method to calculate the amount of total heavy metal.
  • All parts in contact with sample are PTFE and PFA. Of course connectors are screw type and not lousy loose push type!
  • No valves at all! Because of higher operational reliability, low costs of operation and it’s easy to explain to any client this advantage!
  • Mixture of sample and reagents is done by static mixer in flow through operation. Magnetic stirrers belong to laboratory equipment, exclusively!

This is the reason why we set up first design rules and then we developed the analyser. Simple mechanics for low maintenance but complex electronics and easy to use software make them affordable but very reliable. The use of colorimetric technology guarantees accurate results.

Why Seibold Analyser?

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