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Online in-process Arsenic Analyser with non toxic and non dangerous reagents for automated and unobserved measurements.

Three main facts have triggered our development.

  1. There are literally no online analysers and technologies available.
  2. Procedures for Arsenic measurements are based on Arsen to Arsine conversion. Arsine is very toxic and should be not used in ‘outside the lab’ operations and measurements.
  3. Some analysers for Arsenic are neither precise nor accurate in low range.

We finally finished the laboratory work on new Arsenic reagents. To avoid risks in operation of analysers and reduce costs of operations it is mandatory to avoid dangerous reagents.
The SEIBOLD COMPOSER Wilhelm Kienzl measures As5+ in the range from 1 to 100ppb. The measurement cycle is 10 to 15 minutes, depending on distance from analyser to sample source (time for prime).
The applications are industrial, drinking water and river water monitoring.

SEIBOLD Wasser online Arsenic analyser (As)

  • Model: Seibold Composer Wilhelm Kienzl.
  • Measurement technology: colorimetric measurement after complex built by reagents.
  • Measurement method: colour change intensity and speed for concentration determination.
  • Measurement procedure : flow through, closed photometer and stepper motor pumps (one for each liquid, all liquids are pumped).
  • Measurement range: 1μg-100μg up to 2500μg via automated dilution As5.
  • Fully automated, unobserved measurement of up to 6 samples at different process stages.
  • Measurement interval 10-120 minutes, controlled by central visualisation.
  • Measurement data (concentrations, date/time, photometer values, extinctions, warning, alarm) also collected on SD card.

SEIBOLD Wasser client reference.
↪Multipoint online measurements in Arsenic removal process.
↪Monitoring Arsenic in the Environment: A Review of Science and Technologies for Field Measurements and Sensors. By EPA.
↪Eawag Aquatic Research
and their research on Arsenic pollution in Vietnam groundwater
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Arsenic Analyser LOD at 1 ppb!

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