The Seibold Intelligent Photometer is a embedded measurement device for multiple wavelengths.

The intelligent photometer is based on an new controller platform following our new three phase electronic concept. The electronic board and software was developed by Seibold to ensure perfect fit to our controller platform strategy. The intelligent Photometer has a robust controller embedded and communicates with a high resolution colour touch screen. The communication via relays to pumps and valves and 4-20mA for extinction/absorption modes indication.

The Intelligent Photometer can work in absorption and in extinction against zero modes. The pumps can be stepper motor pumps controlled by PWM (Pulse-width modulation).


  • Direct measurements without reagents.
  • Drinking water colour, turbidity and process water heavy metals in g/L range.
  • Out: 4-20mA, 2 Relay for pumps (i.e. sample, cleaning and valves), 1 Alarm/Warning Relay.
  • In: External Start.
  • In: Command/Mode 2 bit. Led On, Zero, Extinction, Absorption.

The applications for this Intelligent Photometer are colour and turbidity measurements in drinking water and high range heavy metal measurements in galvanic industries.


New Product: Intelligent Photometer for Colour and Turbidity Measurements.

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