Copper Zink analyser setting into operation.

SEIBOLD Wasser support it’s clients worldwide. In 2019 we supported our client, a honorable Japanese company, in setting the analyser into operation and commissioning.

Setting into operation:

  • test the electrical connections for power supply and communication1.
  • test data transfer to central visualisation.
  • test data storage in analyser (memory and SD card).
  • connections for liquids (sample, water, drain, reagents).
  • Warning and Alarm handling.
  • training of local engineers.
  • calibration.
  • test-measurements of standard solutions and sample2.

Calibration diagram of Lead
Calibration diagram of Lead. 6-Point calibration with special focus in the range of 1-100ppb Pb. February 2020.

SEIBOLD Wasser online analysers series COMPOSER using 6 points to calibrate, the extinctions/concentrations between these points are interpolated. The points can be shifted the focus range of expected concentrations.


  • measurement of standard solution in different concentrations.
  • measurement of sample.
  • measurement of sample for 12-24 hours.
SEIBOLD-Wasser analyser software function for testing the measurement quality.
SEIBOLD-Wasser analyser software function for commissioning. Lead analyser in May 2019. Measurement range 0-1ppm Pb.
std conc concentration to measure3
conc read concentration measured
error absolute error based on concentration to measure
error rel error based on measurement range
precision precision defined by standard deviation

(1)The SEIBOLD online analyser series COMPOSER typically works in slave mode, this means control of measurement start, data storage and visualisation is done by a central PLC or visualisation system. Nevertheless the COMPOSER can also act as server and control external valves, pumps and other devices. All relevant measurement and exception data is stored on an SD card for lifetime.
The transfer of measurement results is analoge via 4-20mA or digital via industrial bus as MODBUS, CAN, PROFIBUS/PROFINET.

(2)The measurements of sample is a much greater challenge than measurement of standards. Sample colour, turbidity and interferences may decrease the measurement quality. Colour and turbidity are compensated by the measurement procedure. Interferences my come other heavy metals and are masked by agents in the buffer or a specific pH level. In some cases the reagents must be adopted to the special sample matrix. Standard addition is part of all SEIBOLD Wasser analysers and work against unknown interferences.
↪ Standard Addition. A proven measurement method in complex sample matrix.

(3)The SEIBOLD Wasser online analyser series COMPOSER dilutes automatically a standard solution to given concentrations. The default concentrations are 25%, 50% and 75% of given standard concentration.

Setting into operation of SEIBOLD Wasser analyser.

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