SEIBOLD-Wasser research and development.

SEIBOLD-Wasser continuously invest into research and development of measurement technologies and products.

The role SEIBOLD-Wasser plays in the industry is determined because of it’s specialisation in online measurement products. Specialised companies will always push new technologies and products into their markets. While “I do everything” – companies will slow down innovation and new technologies enter the markets.

SEIBOLD-Wasser research procedure:

  • Find applications for online measurements.
  • Define targets and research initiatives.
  • Key issues describe the open questions to solve.
  • Planning assumptions describe the unknown and set the frame for research and development tasks.
  • Modeling. Identify technologies and procedures.
  • Research and development.
  • Design the product.
  • Test the product and procedures.

SEIBOLD-Wasser research topics:

  • Higher resolution for colorimetric measurements. Resolution is the key for precise and accurate Measurement. This research topic continuously find it’s place on our agenda.
    • investigate and develop new reagents; concentrations, solvents and catalyser.
    • mathematical methods; oversampling, averaging, modeling complexes.
    • light source control; pulsation, modulation.
    • cuvette size and form and optics.

    Measurement Quality is based on resolution.
    Measurement Quality is based on resolution.
  • Amperometric technologies for single parameter measurements. SEIBOLD-Wasser had several amperometric devices installed at drinking water and beverage facilities. Our amperometric chlorine sensor worked with very little maintenance and consumables.
    • Chlorine sensor for drinking water and beverage applications.
    • Iron and Arsenic amperometric sensors for drinking water and beverage applications.
  • Heavy Metal titration. This qualitative measurement technology (as XRF and Voltammetry)1 will complete our range of technologies embedded in our instruments. So far we are not sure what the ideal application for qualitative measurement is, but we are happy to learn from clients.
    The advantages of Heavy Metal titration in comparison to XRF and Voltammetry are:
    • simple setup, suitable for unobserved, continuous online measurements.
    • fast and reliable.
    • not influenced by organics or other interferences.

    (1) Qualitative measurements have an error in to 30% range. If the time for a measurement takes more than one hour, we don’t consider this technology as suitable for online measurements.

  • 2020 SEIBOLD-Wasser research programs turn into new products.

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