WHO Drinking Water Guidelines Table 8.4

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SEIBOLD Wasser is an online measurement specialist and at this point in time we embed colorimetric and ISE methods in the COMPOSER analyser series. The reason for this decision was, that these technologies are seen as the least complex and therefor ideal for unobserved measurement tasks.
To be ready for technology change, we are constantly looking on other measurement technology. Please help us to find new technologies in online analysis.
Please post us information about the technology, the application, the measurement parameters, the success.
A critical technology we are looking for at the moment is Voltammetry. Please help us to get a full picture on Voltammetry in online measurement tasks.
In online measurement there is no multipurpose online analyser. Each and every application has their own rules and requirements. Every client has specific ideas about the value of on-line measurement data. To learn and adapt, discuss and deliver the product and services needed to fulfill the task is our major strength.

Technology comparison: Voltammetry measurement technologies

Multiple parameters can be measured in one measurement cycle. Voltammetry is a qualitative measurement technology and per definition not appropriate for quantitative measurements.
Different oxidation states can be measured separately. Complex sample preparation is important to get meaningful results.
Very low limits can be detected by cycling voltammetry (load time increase). Organic load is the biggest source of interferences.
Other parameters/heavy metals can be added later without changing the system. Long measurement time for cyclic voltammetry.
Measurement quality (precision & accuracy), in the range of +/-20% FR.
Toxic and dangerous consumables and waste.
Because of system complexity Voltammetry may have problems in unobserved online measurements.
Lowest measurement frequency of hours not minutes.

On one side Voltammetry has the promise that you can measure multiple elements with one shot, but on the other side we see some problems in online measurements. Please help us with real world experiences to get a full picture. Thank you!

Technology comparison. Survey.

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