Online Analyser Mobile Version

Seibold Wasser expanded the online analyser series COMPOSER by a mobile version. This mobile online analyser is used for construction water water emission control.

The mobile online analyser was used while construction time of three month to measure total Iron (Fe) every 20 minutes. The monitored Iron concentrations have been used for governmental proof. Other than refilling the reagents every month there was no other task on the analyser – the new version, introduced last month, of reagent control also can increase the reagent fill time to three month. In this three month operations there have been no problems with the analyser and easy operation according to our client.
Now the analyser is back for maintenance and will be setup for measurement of Lead (Pb) for the next online measurement task.
The remote control was done via Seibold Wasser SSCC1.
We now added an Arsenic (As) analyser to this mobile family. The analysers can be adjusted to the special needs and tasks by changing the parameters to measure and the frequency of measurements and maintenance cycles.

    The Seibold COMPOSER mobile version advantages

  • colorimetric measurement technology, appropriate and accurate.
  • simple design for unobserved operation for up to three month.
  • can be adopted to all heavy metal parameters.
  • stores data of 64 million measurements.
  • connects to bus systems for concentration, warning and alarm.
  • compact analyser cabinet IP66.
  • may control up to 6 sample lines.

(1)Seibold Serial Control Center. Remote monitoring and data visualisation.

New mobile online analyser, almost.

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