Elektrode und Elektrodenhalter

For some applications and parameters ISE is a perfect fit to accurate and reliable concentration readings. The SEIBOLD COMPOSER for ISE completes our analyser range.

  • Measurements based on Ion-Selective Electrodes have an extremely wide concentration range.
  • ISE are very robust and durable.
  • Interfering ions, pH levels, or high concentrations are handled by specialised experimental methods and special reagents.
  • ISE are unaffected by sample colour or turbidity.
  • ISE can be used in aqueous solutions over a wide temperature range; typically in the range 0°C to 80°C.

ISE are available for the following ions: Ammonium NH4+ (NH3), Barium Ba++, Bromide Br -, Cadmium Cd2+, Calcium Ca2+, Chloride Cl-, Copper Cu2+, Cyanide CN-, Fluoride F-, Iodide I-, Lead Pb2+, Mercury Hg2+, Nitrate NO3-, Nitrite NO2-, Perchlorate ClO4-, Potassium K+, Silver Ag+, Sodium Na+, Sulphide S2-, Thiocyanate SCN-. All SEIBOLD COMPOSER for ISE can measure adopting standard addition and multiple standard addition practices.

ISE ion selective electrodes.

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