Aluminium salts (e.g. Al2(SO4)3) are widely used in drinking water treatments as coagulants. This aluminum application leads to an increased aluminum concentration in drinking water and therefore negative impact on the human health (appearance of Alzheimer Disease). To control and monitor the aluminum level under the specific conditions SEIBOLD Wasser offers SEIBOLD COMPOSER online analyser for Aluminum. The analyser is based on the photometric principle covering measurement range from 0.01-2.5 mg/L of aluminum.
Toxicity. It has been hypothesized that aluminium exposure is a risk factor for the development or acceleration of onset of Alzheimer disease (AD) in humans.

At pH <5.5 : The free ion Al3+ becomes the prevalent form, along with the inorganic monomeric complexes [AlF, Al(OH)x and Al(SO4)]. Toxic!
At pH 6.0-7.5 : Solubility declines due to the presence of insoluble Al(OH) Toxic for fish!
At pH >8.0 : More soluble Al(OH)4- species predominate

WHO1 about Aluminium in drink water.

SEIBOLD Wasser online analysers for drinking water.

1 WHO, World Health Organization. One of the leading authorities for health standards and environmental care.

Measure Aluminium in Drinking Water

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