SEIBOLD Wasser researches, designs and develops products and services for continuous quantitative analysis of heavy metals in water.
Because of the regular frequent online analysis you will get connected concentration data points. This data basis can be used for deep analysis of processes and trends.

To design good products and services you must not only know what the needs of your clients are today but also what they should have in mind tomorrow. There are some trends helping to predict the future needs. In general; environmental costs(1) will increase and the need for automation and stable processes will still drive businesses for the next centuries and people will have more worries about their families health and their drinking water.

Building Blocks

On-line Measurement

Mission Critical Application

  • Learn more; know more. To stabilise and optimise processes.
  • To prove emissions to local authorities.
  • Monitoring to understand situations and trends.
  • Analyser up-time is the most important feature.
  • Automatic indication of measurement quality.
  • High accuracy in changing sample matrices.

SEIBOLD COMPOSER for heavy metals in water

List of Parameters

  • Aluminium Al
  • Arsenic As
  • Cadmium Cd
  • Chromium Cr
  • Cobalt Co
  • Copper Cu
  • Iron Fe
  • Manganese Mn
  • Mercury Hg
  • Nickel Ni
  • Silver Ag
  • Tin Sn
  • Zinc Zn

SEIBOLD COMPOSER Analyser performs continuous analysis of heavy metals in water. The colorimetric analysis – stated by the WHO as reliable and best fitting method for online analysis(2) – is used for reliable and accurate results and low total cost of measurement (TCM)(3).

SEIBOLD Composer for measuring other ions

SEIBOLD Composer measuring Hardness / Alkalinity

SEIBOLD Titration Analysers

SEIBOLD Wasser Services

SEIBOLD Wasser and its partners provide high quality services worldwide. The clear and simple design of SEIBOLD COMPOSER supports the service tasks.
Introducing Feasibility studies SEIBOLD Wasser helps clients in their decisions choosing the appropriate measurement technology and on-line measurement setup.

Bleimessung auf der Île de la Cité.

  • Feasibility studies. Finding the right measurement technology.
  • Testing online measurements.
  • Installation and setting into operation.
  • Commissioning.
  • Maintenance and repair.
  • Training.

(1) The need for clean water and the costs of pollution will increase dramatically: Source: WBCSD.
(2) Connecting the dots. Complexity drives measurement technology used in on-line and process analysers. WHO Drinking Water Guidelines, Table 8.4.
(3) The SEIBOLD Wasser TCM is about Total Costs of Measurements including direct costs for analyser and operation as well as indirect costs for downtime and risk.