One of the most common problems in online measurement is caused by bubbles because of liquids shortage.
It could be because of reagents or sample or even water and cleaning solution. In addition to our software bubble counter which detects the meniscus1 we developed now a new sensor working in the infrared spectrum and detects bubbles, while passing trough the sensor.
In combination with pump control unit the online analyser can tell which of liquids became short and do on of three things.

  • send an alarm and stop working.
  • send a warning and continue working.
  • send a specific signal to the local host and do another measurement or maintenance program.

We are sure that this new product will make the SEIBOLD COMPOSER online and in-process analsers even more reliable. The first prototypes are finished and you may order them until end of June 2015 for a very special price.

Technical features:

  • works with 24VDC power and signal out.
  • 0.8ms response time.
  • independent from visible light.
  • sensor embedded and sealed into PTFE body.

1 The USGS Water Science School, “Water Meniscus”

Why not: Detect Bubbles Physically.

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