The SEIBOLD Wasser colorimetric Schnelltest is based on the same reagents as SEIBOLD COMPOSER online analysers. The question about if or if not the SEIBOLD Wasser analyser is suitable in a specific sample situation can be be answered fast and precise.

To ensure great results from Schnelltest, simple handling is key. For all heavy metals listed below there is the same procedure and indication principle.

The following parameters can be measured with Schnelltest.

  • Aluminium Al
  • Arsenic As
  • Cadmium Cd
  • Cobalt Co
  • Chromium Cr
  • Copper Cu
  • Iron Fe
  • Manganese Mn
  • Mercury Hg
  • Nickel Ni
  • Silver Ag
  • Zinc Zn

For Arsenic measurements: SEIBOLD Wasser Schnelltest avoids the dangerous and high risk conversion to Arsine AsH3!
The package is for 100 tests and for one parameter. The reagents are proprietary developed by SEIBOLD Wasser. And of course non toxic and non hazardous.
Because the reagents are the same as in online Analyser, you can test the if there are any interferences not covered by the reagents.

Price per package is EUR 80.
Special introduction offer for our partnerships is EUR 50 – valid until end of 2016!


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