Industrial Waters

Filters and ion exchangers are commonly used in industrial treatment processes. To control the performance and the life time of filters and ion exchangers the differential measurement is the best strategy for process control.
After the filter the measurement checks the limits and the quality. In addition the SEIBOLD Composer process analyser for differential measurements, equipped with the two channel option, can measure the raw water before the filter and provide this way a full picture of performance of filtration step.

Process control needs measurements; continuously and reliable.

SEIBOLD COMPOSER for two parameters and two sample streams.

SEIBOLD COMPOSER; online analyser for process control.
independent and dependent measurements of two sample streams.
Action and reaction are fully programmable.
Multiple parameter analysis(1) for Cu/Ni, Fe/Mn, Cu/Zn, Fe/Al.
Digital out to central systems for: busy, measurement finished, start sample preparation (or valves, pumps).
Affordable, fast and saves resources and consumables.
Measurement technology based on wet chemistry and colorimetric detection.

(1)Downloads. Product data sheets.

Process Analyser for differential measurements.

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