SEIBOLD Wasser Training for Engineers.

This years training in autumn will be very special. We will not only do our training for engineers but also present and discuss our latest developments. The new electronic platform, based on our three layer concept and our new 256 lines CCD spectrometer. Take part and make SEIBOLD COMPOSER your best online analyser.
Please register today!

  • Tuesday 19th: 2017 SEIBOLD Conference: New products and research initiatives. Presentations and discussions.
  • Wednesday 20th: Applications, Technologies, Products, Markets, TCM.
  • Thursday 21st: Set the analyser into operation, Commissioning, Maintain and Repair.

The seats for training are limited, take you seat now.

Venue: SEIBOLD Wasser Research Center, Klosterneuburg/Austria.

September 19th 2017. Conference and Training for Engineers.

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